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On my 21st Birthday (August 21, 2004) at exactly 0000 hours MDT, I unveiled INDY.CC to the world. Less than five people were aware of its coming, but even they did not know what to expect. Normally, I have a tendancy to ruin surprises early on in their creation. I can keep a secret, but I always manage to ruin my own surprises. I even ruin surprises that other people are attempting to do for me. Apparently, if I want a surprise to succeed, I have to wear blinders, earplugs, and duct tape over my mouth. Let's jump ahead to the present, shall we? Here you are now, visiting Indy. Whether its in search of adventure, advice, or just to stop by and see who I am; you're always welcome.

No matter what you choose to do here, remember one thing: VITRIOL! It is within ourselves that we discover the greatest wonders of the universe.

-= indy =-

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