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Indy's Personal Fitness Training (PFT)
In the fall of 2004, I began seriously considering a career in the military. After multiple interviews and discussions with the United States Marines Corps, I decided to begin preparing myself for the demands of the military. I started by setting my goal for 100% effeciency in the Marine Corps PFT. After only 2 months of training, I found that I had achieved this goal and that the USMC standards were not high enough. Before this discovery was made, I had already decided not to persue a military career. My reasons for making that decision are obvious on EternusAmor.Net.

Anyway, I wouldn't allow my career decision to alter my personal physical fitness, so I turned my attention to the standards of the Navy SEALS. In a week, a reached the SEALS goal. Flustered and disappointed, I searched for some set of standards that would be both well-rounded and demanding. I could find no such set of standards. So, I created my own Personal Fitness Test.

My Personal Fitness Training Test (PFTT) is 3 days long and requires a very high level of strength, endurance, and flexiblity. To show the trials of that test on this page click here.

I have also drawn up an exercise schedule which ensures that I can maintain the level of fitness demanded by my test. I have not included weights or many reps, as those will change over the course of time. I encourage you to try and follow this schedule and strive always to be physically fit.

-= Indy =-

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